In todays world of increasing violence such as bullying, abductions, rapes and murders; individuals, schools, businesses and organizations are frightened and concerned about the safety of themselves, family, friends and colleagues. To address this concern, Audrey Marchionno has an informative, realistic and easy to learn program that can better ones odds of avoiding and defending against an attack. This program targets building self confidence and awareness, key factors above and beyond that of physicality. During the course of this program, one will learn basic and easy to learn self defense techniques, that anyone from children to elderly can perform.

Audrey Marchionno started her martial arts training in 1978 under the watchful eye of world renowned Grand Master, Louis D. Casamassa, founder of Red Dragon Karate.
Currently a fifth degree black belt with various ranks in other styles of martial arts, her training continues.

Motivational speaking, Signings,
Photo Ops and or Seminars available but not limited to: Comic Cons, Martial Art Schools, Public and Private Schools, Public parks and recreation, Gyms, Individuals, Businesses small and large.